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The Dhokra Art of Bastar

4000-year-old folk art

Similar to Vastu Shastra, Shilpa Shastra were manuals for sculptures & Hindu iconography. Sanskrit texts such as "Shilparatna" and "Manasara" describe in detail the process & principles of art work with metals, "Madhuchista Vidhana" (lost wax) casting process is the most discussed process in these ancient shilpashastra.

No two Dhokra artworks are alike. Each sculpture is meticulously crafted to be one of a kind. The artisans take ideas from mythology, the environment and their rituals, and showcase these through their artworks.

This ancient tribal art is relished by art lovers from around the globe.

Idols & Sculptures

Over the ages, the craft has exquisitely evolved into an art form and has a global demand.

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Scrap metal is commonly used by craftsmen which makes it an eco-friendly craft.

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Wall Hangings

The iron craft skill is relinquished from generation to generation in the Indian sub-continent.