Jhitku-Mitki (Pair)


Size: 21″

Jhitku-Mitki is a lover couple worshiped by the Gond tribal to get their desires fulfilled. Akin to modern-day Valentine’s Day celebrations, unique tradition to honor lover couple is popularly practiced by ‘Gond’ tribals in Chhattisgarh.

According to popular folklore in Bastar, ‘Mitki’ was the only sister of seven brothers of a ‘Gond’ family that lived in Newta Bandha village. As part of tradition, her brother ‘Lamsena’ brought a youth ‘Jhitku’ to home for marrying ‘Mitki’.

Both fell in love but one day her brothers dreamt that the Goddess was demanding sacrifice. On not finding anyone, they sacrificed ‘Jhitku’. ‘Mitki’ could not bear the separation and took her life.


Each TTH metal object undergoes a series of grinding, buffing, and polishing techniques. Variations or ‘imperfections’ in the product’s finish are characteristic of the creation process. Due to this handmade nature, no two pieces are ever exactly alike.

Clean gently with a dry and soft cloth.
Avoid any detergent with lemon or other acidic agents


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