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It’s that time of the year again – to plan weddings! Honestly, weddings happen all year round but August, September and October are the crucial months when weddings are planned. Dates are noted, venues are looked over and the entire wedding planning shenanigans begin. So if you are planning to tie the knot in 2021, we have an amazing list ready for you. Auspicious Hindu Marriage dates! Our yearly list of the most auspicious dates according to the Hindu calendar for 2021 is now out. Get planning guys!

Auspicious Marriage Dates In January 2021

The month when the weather is the best – cold weather and bright skies. Perfect for an outdoor wedding, especially in the mornings when the light is beautiful. The January dates have muhurats on two Fridays and one Monday, making it the ideal dates for a long weekend wedding!!

18 January, 2021 (Monday)

20 January, 2021 (Wednesday)

24 January, 2020 (Sunday)

31 January, 2020 (Sunday)

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Hindu Marriage Dates In February 2021

The month where all the love comes together! The Valentines Day month has a perfect wedding date on 14th February. So you can have a sangeet or cocktail on 12th followed by the wedding on 14th! Like January, February is also full of auspicious wedding dates, so pick one and finalize it soon.

1st February, 2021 – Monday

7th February, 2021 – Sunday

14th February, 2021 – Sunday and Valentine’s Day!

15th February, 2021 – Monday

16th February, 2021 – Tuesday

21st February, 2021 – Sunday

28th February, 2021 – Sunday

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Auspicious Marriage Dates In March 2021

The Holi month! While holi parties happen all year round, it’s something special to have a Holi party on the actual festival day itself. Celebrate your mehendi or sangeet on a wedding date that is auspicious amongst the other March wedding dates!

3rd March 2021 – Wednesday

5th March 2021 – Friday (Weekend wedding!)

8th March 2021 – Monday

14th March 2021 – Sunday

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Hindu Wedding Dates In April 2021

Say hello to summer, pretty pastels and light fabrics! Have a beautiful summery wedding with floral lehengas in sorbet colours on one of the four auspicious marriage dates that April has

16th April 2021 – Friday

17th April 2021 – Saturday

22nd April 2021 – Thursday

24th April 2021 – Saturday

25th April 2021 – Sunday

26th April 2021 – Monday

27th April 2021 – Tuesday

28th April 2021 – Wednesday

29th April 2021 – Thursday

30th April 2021 – Friday

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Auspicious Wedding Dates In May 2021

This month has the highest number of muhurat days according to the Hindu calendar for 2021, so if you are looking to get married in May, we recommend you to start the booking now – because vendors are going to be booked out at lightning speed for these ones!

1st May 2021 – Saturday

2nd May 2021 – Sunday

3rd May 2021 – Monday (long weekend wedding!)

7th May 2021 – Friday

8th May 2021 – Saturday

9th May 2021 – Sunday

13th May 2021 – Thursday

14th May 2021 – Friday

21st May 2021 – Friday

22nd May 2021 – Saturday

23rd May 2021 – Sunday

24th May 2021 – Monday

26th May 2021 – Wednesday

27th May 2021 – Thursday

28th May 2021 – Friday

29th May 2021 – Saturday

30th May 2021 – Sunday

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Auspicious Marriage Dates In June 2021

The last month before the big break! June is the perfect month to get hitched, the weather cools down a little, there are light showers and also since its non-peak wedding season, the vendor rates are slightly less and availability is high. So if you are on a tight budget and yet don’t want to have a full blown monsoon wedding, June is your pick!

3rd June 2021 – Thursday

4th June 2021 – Friday

5th June 2021 – Saturday

16th June 2021 – Wednesday

19th June 2021 – Saturday

20th June 2021 – Sunday

21st June 2021 – Monday

22nd June 2021 – Tuesday

23rd June 2021 – Wednesday

24th June 2021 – Thursday

30th June 2021 – Wednesday

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Auspicious Marriage Dates In July 2021

The month before a long break! If you are game for indoor venues and intimate weddings with small guest lists, July is a great month to have one. With limited dates and even more limited demand, this month can just be your month of love!

1st July 2021 – Thursday

2nd July 2021 – Friday

7th July 2021 – Wednesday

13th July 2021 – Tuesday

15th July 2021 – Thursday

16th July 2021 – Friday

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August-Sept-Oct –No Dates

While these four months see no Hindu wedding dates, you can always have a non-traditional wedding during these months. You can pick any date you like to have a registered wedding and then have a full blown wedding party. Not only will you have your pick of vendors and venues, it’s a perfect season for a European destination wedding, as its summer time there!

Hindu Marriage Dates In November 2021

While this month sees only two auspicious wedding dates, we promise you that it’s going to be booked out soon. They are at the end of the month, when the weather starts to cool down, plus they come after a huge break of 3 months so even if it’s more than a year away, we would recommend you to start looking at venue availability, especially for destination weddings!

15th November 2021 – Monday

16th November 2021 – Tuesday

20th November 2021 – Saturday

21st November 2021 – Sunday

28th November 2021 – Sunday

29th November 2021 – Monday

30th November 2021 – Tuesday

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Hindu Wedding Dates In December 2021

The season to be jolly! The month that sees the most number of weddings, has 7 auspicious marriage dates, all within the first half of the month. So while you can honeymoon on Christmas, get scouting if you are planning to zero down on next December for your nuptials!

1st December 2021 – Wednesday

2nd December 2021 – Thursday

6th December 2021 – Monday

7th December 2021 – Tuesday

8th December 2021 – Wednesday

11th December 2021 – Saturday

13th December 2021 – Monday

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